The Differences Between Ductless Mini-Split & Central AC Unit

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When it comes to air conditioning systems, you have two categories that branch off into smaller sections. You have ductless air conditioners and central air conditioners. And for many homeowners, it’s tough to decide which one is best suited to your needs. But don’t worry, My Diamond Comfort is here to help you find the perfect system. 

What is a central air conditioning system? 

In a central air conditioning system, the air passes through a central unit to cool and is then distributed to the rest of the home through ducts. 

What is a ductless air conditioning system?

A ductless mini split air conditioner has two primary components, an outdoor compressor, and an indoor air-handling unit. Every room has its handling unit installed to allow different temperatures in different rooms. The outdoor compressor draws in the coolness from the outdoor air and distributes it to the wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended indoor air handlers. So, there are no ducts involved in the process. 

What are the pros and cons of ductless air conditioning systems and central systems? 
1. Installation costs

When it comes to installation costs, central air conditioning systems have the upper hand because they’re less costly to install in comparison to a ductless mini split. However, it’s important to note that a ductless mini split is far easier to install due to the absence of ducts. 

2. Energy efficiency

Ductless mini split air conditioners are generally far more energy efficient than a central air conditioning system. With a mini split, you will save money in the long run due to reduced energy bills. 

3. Zonal heating 

One of the biggest advantages that a ductless mini split air conditioner can offer is zonal heating. Using remotes, you can set the temperature of each room to your comfort. So, you can permanently say goodbye to regular temperature-related arguments. However, with a central heating system, your entire home remains at one temperature. 

Zonal heating also contributes to energy efficiency because you might not require the same level of cooling in a room, and you can save the energy needed to bring that part to an optimal temperature. 

4. Noise 

A ductless mini split air conditioner is one of the most non-intrusive systems on the market because the air doesn’t go through ducts. But you can get a relatively quiet central unit or use noise reduction methods. 

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