Are Ductless Mini-Split Units a Good Heating Solution?

ductless mini split air conditioner installation

When people hear the term ductless mini split air conditioner, they assume that cooling is all the system is capable of. When in reality, a ductless mini split air conditioner is a comprehensive HVAC system that can keep your home toasty through the winter and cool through the summers. But since it’s a more modern system, we can completely understand the confusion. And at My Diamond Comfort, we’re all about helping people make the right choice, so here’s everything you need to know about ductless mini split air conditioners for heating. 

Are ductless mini split air conditioners good for heating purposes? 

Yes, a ductless mini split air conditioner is a phenomenal system for keeping you warm. The only caveat is that you need to pick a ductless mini split air system that can handle the winter temperatures where you’re from. Every unit comes with the lowest temperature that it can draw heat out of, so be sure to talk with your HVAC provider to ensure it’s a good match. If you’re a Massachusetts homeowner, then a Samsung or Fujitsu ductless mini split system is your best bet for a comfortable home in our climate. 

How does a ductless mini split system work in the winter?  

A ductless mini split air system works by drawing heat out of the atmosphere and into your home. But don’t worry, a ductless mini split system can manage to extract heat even when the temperature is a few degrees below freezing. So, you can rest assured your Western, MA home will remain cozy in the winter. 

What are the pros of using a ductless mini split system for heating purposes? 
1. Zonal comfort 

With a ductless mini split air conditioner, you get the option to choose just how hot or cold you want a room to be, thanks to zonal heating. You won’t have to constantly argue with your family to find the perfect temperature for every room, and everybody can find their own sense of comfort. 

2. Energy efficiency 

One of the biggest benefits of a ductless mini split system is its energy efficiency. They don’t require any additional fuel, other than electricity and they can give you more of a bang for your buck because they don’t expend extra energy in getting the hot air to travel through a duct system. 

3. Quiet operation

Since there are no ducts in the system, you won’t have to deal with the sound of air pushed around your home. It’s a non-intrusive system that quietly and efficiently functions in the background. 

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